Sunday, September 28, 2008

30 Days

We've all spent the weekend being disease ridden. On Thursday, the MonkeyFishChild had a tummy bug and was a bit pukey. Yesterday, both Buster and I got it too. And this is on top of the cold that he'd already given us earlier in the week. And then today I had to go to the doctor as my cold has become a chest infection so I needed antibiotics. So it's been buckets of fun at our place.

Tonight we decided to watch the first episode of Morgan Spurlock's new show - 30 Days. It was quite shocking actually. I couldn't believe how expensive the medical care was. Having just gone to the doctor on a Sunday, I couldn't believe that the emergency room charged them so much money for their visits. Not only that, but how would you manage to have a family on that kind of income? They barely managed to feed themselves.

It makes me wonder if things are the same here in Australia. I know healthcare isn't such a big issue (although our hospitals aren't looking too flash at the moment and you could possibly die while still in the waiting room) - you can always find a clinic that bulk-bills so it doesn't cost anything. Our regular doctor bulk-bills for children Monday to Friday so we never have to pay for the child. You also can get a healthcare card if you are a low income earner so you also get medications cheaper. But I'm certain that being on a low income is still as difficult. It's ok while things are going well, but if the washing machine or the fridge breaks down and you can't afford to fix it - you are screwed.

It made me thank my lucky stars.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ridiculous excuse for a dog

Yesterday, Izzy started limping around like she'd been crippled - her back left foot was hurting. This morning she was still doing the weird bunny hop thing so I took her to the vet thinking that she might have somehow broken her toe while galloping up and down the backyard.

Izzy is a bit skittish with people she doesn't know, let alone the vet, so I had to drag her over the threshold and it was not a good start. Firstly she tried to bite the vet as she examined the sore foot. Izzy has never even growled at the child and he climbs all over her so I thought, that's ok, her foot must be very sore. So I got a tight grip on her collar while the vet continued the examination. Izzy was whimpering and rolling her eyes so I was expecting the vet to start talking about x-rays. But no. She hasn't broken her toe. Or even sprained her toe. She has pretty much stubbed her toe. No swelling, no nothing.

And then the vet says that Izzy has the lowest pain threshold of any Greyhound that she has ever treated.

Damn dog.