Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Kid Update

The MonkeyFish is talking like a pro now and has started experimenting with his language - it's very cool. The other morning he was playing with his toys in the playroom (which is next to the kitchen) and chatting away to himself. Mark was making some tea and had a look around the corner to see what he was doing - "Hey Dadda, come and sit in here. There are plenty of chairs." He's also been trying out 'it's a bit' and 'it's very' as in "it's a bit dark" and "it's very rainy". It's so interesting to hear him using language to express himself.

Ponyboy has also started cooing and gurgling when you talk to him - it's like he leaves a space when it's your turn to talk. He's also started reaching out for things and grabbing them - this doesn't sound that interesting but considering he has spent the last three months eating and sleeping - it's pleasing that he's upping his entertainment efforts for us.

I've also got an iPhone - at first I thought that it was wankery and was quite resistant but now I'm a convert. It's one of the most useful things I've ever owned. Also the MonkeyFish is a huge fan. I've got a couple of toddler friendly game apps which he loves to the extent of stealing my phone and hiding in the ensuite to play the games (as his contact with the thing is severely rationed and usually only for the car or the shopping trolley). His favourite is SmackTalk and he will happily spend 45 minutes shouting 'you're the guinea pig' at it. People do think you are a bit insane at the shops but at least he isn't crying or screaming.