Saturday, March 22, 2008


Our garden is being taken over by Nature and, while I grudgingly admit that nature is the whole point of the garden, these feathered invaders are terrorising the cat, so they have to go. This is one of a pair of scrub turkeys that have recently tried to annexe our garden. We always know when they have come over the fence because Boo the Cat comes hurtling inside, absolutely terrified.

They don't generally eat cat, but they are easily bigger than she is and have big pointy beaks. So out we go to chase them away over the fence.

Aside from chasing the cat, they also tend to scratch up huge piles of dead vegetation in which to lay their eggs. They then add or remove leaves to keep the centre of the pile at the correct temperature for the eggs. While this is admirable, I don't particularly fancy having a 2 metre pile of rotting vegetation in our garden.

These little feathered beauties don't scare the cat but they are really loud right outside our bedroom window. They also take particular pride in their contribution to the dawn chorus.

So, Nature, as a compromise, perhaps the lorikeets can stay but the scrub turkeys must find somewhere else.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Squirmiest McBaby

Saturday, March 01, 2008


My niece stayed at our house on Friday night and she is such a sweetie. Firstly she wanted to watch "Alvin and the Chickmumps". I explained to her that they were Chipmunks and she agreed wholeheartedly, but then continued to refer to them as the Chickmumps.

At breakfast this morning, Buster asked her if she thought that he needed to get his hair cut and she said "your hair looks like the wind at the front". Buster and I are still discussing whether that is a positive or a negative. We asked about her step-dad whose shaves his head - apparently he doesn't need a haircut as he has "tiny hairs".