Friday, July 02, 2010

Feline ratbag

So the cat hasn't always been evil. She was Busters cat before we met, but she used to quite like me. Once the MonkeyFish was born, she turned on me with avengence. Every time I walked passed her, she'd bite my foot, leg or ankle - whichever part of me that she could press her yellowing fangs into. Hard enough to draw blood too.

She was just getting over the worst of the hatred when Ponyboy was born. I feared the biting would again commence. And it did, briefly.

But now she is warming to the idea of being a family-cat. Several times I've found her asleep on the MonkeyFish's bed at night. Curled up near his feet, purring and all puffed up. A couple of times, I've even shut her in his room accidentally when I've gone to bed and been dragged from my dreams by her insistent scratching at the door.

Today I saw her crouching on the grass while the MonkeyFish hared about. He eventually sidled up to her and gently patted her back. Rather than ignoring him, she stretched her neck up and slightly lifted her bottom up off the ground.

She's finally decided that he is acceptable because he can pat her.


Blogger MC Etcher said...

Aww! How cute is that? Very.

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