Friday, December 14, 2007

Bah humbug

So the day started off promising enough. Firstly I went to Target to buy some new little suits for Squirmy who seems to be growing at a rate knots. I found a five pack of the little suits I wanted which were 20% off. So I took them to the register where they scanned up at the regular price. They rang childrenswear to confirm that the suits were indeed 20% off - to discover the discount was on children's wear only and not on underwear. Because the rack was labelled as 20% off, I got the suits at the lower price anyway.

Then I went to the Medibank Private to claim back part of my acupuncture fees only to find that I'd left the receipt at home.

Then I went to the photo place to get some photos printed out only to find that they were having computer problems and the photos couldn't be ready on the same day.

Then I went to the post office to buy a couple of iTunes gift cards for Busters brother for Christmas only to find that they don't have the cards in the value I want. Being preoccupied trying to stop the baby from grabbing things off the shelves, I didn't realise that the guy on the counter was giving me the voucher things that come from the register and not an actual card. Of course I want the gift card - it's a gift - idiot.

In the end, I was fed up with everything being crap so I went home. When I took the little suits out of the wrapper to show Buster, one of the little suits was a size smaller than the rest so now I have to take them back.

It's no wonder I hate Christmas shopping.