Thursday, December 15, 2005

Why the Australian Passport Office suck.

So the fecking passport saga continues. Damn, how hard could it be? I applied for a new passport and duly sent away the application and the requisite number of photos (in which I look about 50 because smiling is not allowed). About two weeks later they ring me to say that the photos got damaged somehow and I need to send in more.

So I get more photos, post them to my guarantor (who signs the back of them to say it's really me in the hideous photo), she sends them back to me and I send them on to the passport office with the required form signed in triplicate.

Yesterday I get a card from the post office saying that I have registered mail to collect - excellent think I - that'll be my passport. Plans are laid for the collection of the passport from the post office this afternoon as I need to send a photocopy off to Japan asap for my visa application.

And this morning the passport office call me to say that they have used the damaged photos in my passport and can I please return it to them for re-issue. ARGGGGGHHHHHHHH.

I explain, in measured tones, why this is going to be a problem and they promise to only take one working day to re-issue the damn thing but I've still got to traipse over there Friday morning by 8.30am to drop it off. And then go back over there on Monday morning to pick it up. And it is so fecking hot.

Damn you passport office, damn you.


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