Monday, December 12, 2005

Other Japan related nonsense

Today at lunch time I met my friend Nell and we went to look at new glasses for yours truly. My health insurance company cover me for a new pair of glasses each calendar year and as my current glasses were bought in November last year, I've got about three more weeks to get a new pair to be able to claim back the cost. I know this seems a little mad, but I'll need to take a spare pair of glasses to Japan with me and I don't actually have a spare pair. Somehow I managed to lose the blue pair that I had before my current pair (which are dark red) so I am a one pair of glasses gal. I've also made a time to get my eyes re-tested so I can get new lenses in my current frames.

Anyway, the point of all this is that Nell and I went to the shop looking for new frames. Because I wear glasses all the time (except when I'm asleep), I've got pretty stringent standards that need to be met. In fact, I found myself sounding like fecking Goldilocks. No, frames too big. No, frames too small. No, frames too heavy. No, frames too light. No, frames to nana-ish. No, frames too 80's. No, frames too bendy. Ahh, frames just right. Yep, about the 300th pair I tried on were just right. They are a kind of bronze colour and look pretty much the same as my current glasses. But I'm relieved because it's so hard to choose glasses - especially when you have to look at them two million times a day.


Blogger MC Etcher said...

So are you going to give us more info on the Japan thing?

Will they give you room and board? Where in Japan? Do you need a Visa?


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