Monday, December 12, 2005

Nowhere near a real film review

I also went and saw Domino on the weekend with Jammin' J. I quite liked parts of it but it seemed a bit like the editor was doing crack in the editing suite. It kept jumping around which was a bit frustrating especially as the plot was overly complicated. Although some bits were just fantastic - like the part where Lateesha goes on Jerry Springer.

And I got really cross because the people sitting behind us had brought their two little girls, maybe 6 and 8, to see the film. I was actually pretty shocked that these people had no problem with children this age seeing the film. I mean, it wasn't terribly gory but parts of it would be traumatic for a little kid (like when they used a shotgun to remove a guys arm). Why didn't they just leave them at home unattended with a copy of Reservoir Dogs to entertain them?


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