Thursday, June 02, 2005

Morons - by phone (the very worst kind)

During the week, I get quite a few calls from people wanting to know about dog obedience. Most of them are quite nice and are eager to find out about where they can train their dog.

But some of them are morons. I had a phone call from a lady with a Rottweiler who wanted to know where we did our training etc. I gave her all the info she needed and then she asked if training would help correct other naughty behaviour.

Frankly, this kind of comment always sets the alarm bells ringing. So I asked what behaviour specifically she was trying to correct. Apparently the dog barks all day, pulls the washing off the clothes line and chews everything to pieces. Ok, I say, does the dog get enough exercise?

It turns out that the poor creature is locked in a courtyard all day and doesn't get any walks. No wonder it is acting out its frustrations. Some people make me sick.


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