Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Hoax Resurrection Exposed

I went to a seven year olds birthday party on Sunday and I learnt something new that I thought I'd share with you all. One of the birthday gifts this seven year old received was a Sea Monkey kit. Now I've never owned any sea monkeys, but I understand that they are actually little brine-shrimp. Very simple - take water, add purifier, add eggs and - hey presto - sea monkeys. But the most startling thing about sea monkeys is the little information page that comes with them. It gives advice for replacing the water, aerating the water, what to do in case of plague and, here's the scary part, what to do to bring your sea monkeys back to life. I kid you not.

Always eager to discover a technique for a credible resurrection I read the leaflet carefully. If all your sea monkeys die, simply allow all the water to evaporate over two to three weeks. When the empty tank is dry, just add more water and water purifier and your sea monkeys will come back again.

But they don't. Well, not the ones that actually died in the first place. New ones hatch from eggs that remained dormant on the bottom from the first tank. Apparently, there are three generations of sea monkeys in each packet of eggs. I didn't want to see new sea monkeys - I wanted to see the ones the died come back to life. I was very disappointed.

(Marginally) Interesting Sea Monkey Fact Number One:

Solar Ponds are common in the Murray Basin area and consist of large ponds with salt water in them. The water gets hot from the sun and then is pumped out and the heat is exchanged to dry out the water, leaving salt remaining. The salt is then sold as high quality salt. "Sea Monkeys" are in fact used in Solar Ponds to eat the algae which forms, to keep the water clear. So a little eco system with "Sea Monkeys", actually operates in solar ponds.
(source - www.hydrogen.org.au/decentralised-power-production.htm)


Blogger Craig said...

Sure, it's just more sea monkey eggs, but it's much more interesting to picture the little seven year old standing over the tank saying, "Talitha cumi" and then envisioning himself as the second coming of Christ, now isn't it?

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