Thursday, May 19, 2005

What have I been reading?

I've just finished reading two Jodi Piccoult books in quick succession and I have to say, they are pretty good. Her ideas are really interesting and I like the way she structures her story and then winds up the loose ends. I actually bought her new one "Vanishing Acts" and read it in about two days. It's about a little girl whose parents are divorced and her father takes her and absconds after telling her that her mother is dead. They move to a small town and start new lives with new names etc. The story starts when she is in her late twenties and it tells the story of the trial and her reunion with her mother (a recovering alcoholic). It is a little predictable, and I found the story of the father in prison a little distracting, but it was very enjoyable. Each chapter is from the perspective of each character - which was good - but did slow the novel down a bit. It was interesting to hear the different takes on each situation, but it did get a little bit repetitive - but I would recommend it as an enjoyable and easy read.

I then got "Keeping Faith" from the library and read it in about the same time frame. This one is about a little girl who sees and speaks to God and gets stigmatas. The romance between the girls mother and the atheist TV presenter is a little unbelievable, but on the whole it was good and it wraps up well.


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