Friday, May 20, 2005

Nice day for it.

And we had a huge storm last night that flooded our building at work. Here is picture of the huge pile of hail that was still on the grass at work this morning. There were three huge piles at the front of the building and more smaller heaps in the carpark (but the light wasn't too good for pictures). This particular pile was about four foot in diameter and about a foot high at the centre. I know the pic isn't very good (because I took it with my phone) but I am actually holding a half melted handful of hail stones the size of small marbles. They came down last night at 6pm and this pic was taken this morning at 11am. So much for the weather forecast yesterday of 23 degrees and fine.
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Blogger L said...

wow. actually sounds a bit nice, though. It's extraordinarily hot over here these days :(

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