Friday, October 01, 2004

It's still all about me.

The "Festival of Laziest Girl" was kicked off this morning with a morning tea of Passionfruit sponge cake from Shingle Inn which is my favourite kind of bought cake. Today after work, I joined a few old workmates to partake in a few refreshing ales. Ven joined me and then we went and had a quick drink with a few friends of his before I scurried off home. We also managed to squeeze in some dinner at the divine Vietnamese place. I'm only the tiniest bit drunk now.

I also called the Gorgeous Tall One on the way home, but she was out having drinks with her friend from the UK - also known as the "Harbinger of Doom". It's a bit of a long story, and not really mine to tell, but the Gorgeous Tall One was meant to be organising a Hen's Night in September for the UK friend. She was coming back to Australia to marry an English guy and to cut a long story short (because I'm feeling a bit sleepy now), the wedding was cancelled at the last moment. A few other diasters have befallen the friend from the UK - the ditched fiance's nana's boyfriend has gone mad etc. I initially accused the Gorgeous Tall One of having caused the split with subconcious thoughts, but it seem that the UK friend is bringing it all upon herself. It is worth mentioning that the Gorgeous Tall One is the most exceedingly positive of people and is also the nicest (really nice, not just pretending to be nice) person I know. She is fair, even handed, honest and incredibly supportive. In fact, if I had to be someone else, I would probably want to be her.

Anyway, now I can't really remember the point of this post.


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