Thursday, September 23, 2004

Another week?

Book group went really well on Sunday. I had downloaded some questions from a book group site and they turned out to be excellent discussion starters. I was glad that not everyone loved The Lady and The Unicorn. I read a book review which said don't mistake Chevaliers' deft writing as simplicity and I think that is very true. There were so many themes and ideas running under the surface, especially about secrets. I really liked the way that Nicholas des Innocents (who is of arguable innocence) seemed to think that he was manipulating these women to get his own way, but they were really manipulating him. Almost everything he did was driven by one of the women in the story. Our next book is Joe Cinque's Consolation by Helen Garner.

I've just started re-reading Vanity Fair (the book, not the magazine) and I'd forgotten how much I liked it. I can't think of a better person to portray Miss Becky Sharp than Reese Witherspoon. Those of you who have seen Election, will agree.

Yesterday I read The Alchemist. I know, Ven couldn't believe that I hadn't read it. Anyway, it was pretty cool. It was beautifully written and easy to read - I especially loved the idea about seeking your Personal Legend. Handsomest and I talked about this last night but didn't really come to any conclusions. All of my goals involve finishing my study and finding a job in the area that I want. Hansomest doesn't think he has any - maybe he's having a midlife crisis.

I also saw a film on the weekend called Alexandria. It was at the Greek Film Festival so unfortunately it was only shown once during the festival. It was a beautiful story about a woman who was born in Alexandria and returns there with her adult daughter for a week. She is a beautiful singer and the film tells the story of a relationship she had when she was 16 with a writer. She was emotionally scarred from the relationship and only tells her daughter a few misleading details. The film shows Elena at 16 cut with Elena as an adult as she progressively unveils the truth to her daughter. The daughter (Nina), lives in Paris with her fiance but she meets a guy (Yusri) at Alexandria with whom she feels a connection. As the truth about Elena comes out, Nina realises that she can't go back to the fiance and lose her love with Yusri.

I watched a bit of John Safran Vs. God last night on SBS. It was pretty good - better than I expected - I laughed when John made his confession about stealing and masturbation to Father Pino. The look on Father Pinos face was absolutely priceless.


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