Thursday, September 02, 2004

Politics and Dogs - not as different as you might think

I talked to Venerable on Tuesday night after class for ages. We talked a bit about politics as we are expecting the Federal election soon. Venerable was soo excited and I was soo uninterested. Poor darling. He sent me a few emails outlining voting issues for my perusal as he was particularly unimpressed when I asked if I was allowed to unenrol to vote. I don't think it's pure apathy, I'm just disappointed that there is not one person I feel that I could vote for. My theory is that Australians don't actually vote for a leader, they just vote for the person who is least likely to do the most damage.

Last night I found a little dog on the side of the road last night on the way home. Poor little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that had escaped from somewhere and was running up the road soaking wet, freezing and terrified of the storm. We managed to corner him in the car park so I threw my coat over him and grabbed him. We took him home to my mums house and she is looking after him until we can get the council to come and get him. He is completely traumatised and he won't even let us pat him. We had to herd him into the garage so we could keep him away from my mum's two dogs. We would have taken him to our house but our three cats would have ganged up on him.

I'm meant to be working on my Islam essay today not procrastinating by writing this. Especially as I don't really have anything to say.


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