Wednesday, September 22, 2004

How weird is weird?

On Andrew Denton's "Enough Rope" on Monday night, he interviewed Dave Hughes. I didn't actually watch it (Handsomest taped it for us) until last night. My pod-mate at work said that after watching the interview, she didn't really like Dave anymore because he was too weird. Clearly she is nuts, because, if anything, I found the interview illuminating and interesting. Who could have known that Dave was such a sensitive child and terrified of girls? Anyway, my point is that everyone is weird, they just don't tell anyone about it. Most people do their best to keep their weirdness secret. It's interesting that we get to hear about famous people's weirdness though. I suppose New Weekly would go out of business if the stars totally hid their assorted weirdness though. Of course, other than being lazy, I don't really have any secret weirdness. Well, aside from my obsession with matching cutlery, things that come in pairs, buying books, eating with chopsticks etc.

In other news, I'm so excited, I got a 6 last night for my Islam essay (on birth control). Thankfully there are no lectures next week, so I can get started on my next Islam essay which is due on October 19.

I'm halfway through a book called "a day at the races" by Matt Dray. It's mainly set in Brisbane and is a lot of fun.


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