Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Well, bugger me with a fish fork

Who can believe that a whole week has zipped by since my last post. I also forgot to mention that I got a 5 for my short response paper for Islam and 14 1/2 out of 15 for my Magic and Astrology quiz!

On Friday night we went out for pizza with friends. Venerable joined us instead of spending time studying for his statistics exam at 8am on Saturday morning. We did finish up fairly early though, and I understand that he hit the chocolate coated coffee beans pretty hard. Venerable sent me an email on Friday afternoon to say that he felt sick from overdosing on sugar by eating a huge bag of lollies. I told him that too much sugar can cause recurrent vaginal thrush so he should be careful. While he assured me that he doesn't actually have a vagina - I said not to underestimate the power of a metaphorical vagina. Now, of course, vaginas have become a recurrent theme in Venerables life and he hates me for having started it.

We had a dog obedience trial on Saturday afternoon/night so I spent most of the time either washing up dishes or helping to make dinner for 30 people. I tell you, I can slice tomatoes like there is no tomorrow.

Sunday we did a little bit of shopping and Handsomest bought the first three series of Black Books. He then spent the rest of the weekend channelling Bernard. We had best friend and her partner over for dinner that night - I made my special strawberry vodka drinks and then was soundly beaten at Canasta.

I spent all day Monday working on my Contraception in Islam essay (yes, I was at work but what are you going to do about it?) . I finished my first draft which I emailed to the lecturer for some feedback. Honestly, I swear that it is as if I have been possessed by aliens. I NEVER get things finished early. It's a wretched essay too. Every man and his caged monkey has an interpretation on the issue - it's like a hydra. Everytime I think I've nailed down a consensus about something, another damn point of view springs up in its place.

Tuesday I had off. I finished my presentation for my Islam class and got the OHP's done. I was the last one to present so I was a bit nervous. One of the Muslim guys presented but I couldn't make head nor tail out of what he said. Maybe because he kept lapsing into Arabic! Anyway, my presentation kicked arse. I only had two questions which were fielded easily. Unfortunately I had the lecturer in hysterics because I called Mawlana Mawdudi a complete clown and said that I just loved Al-Ghazzali. I also referred to another jurist as "that guy". After class, one of the girls walked out with me and said that my presentation was really good.

Today I'm reading up for my Magic and Astrology essay. Not really sure what I'm going to write about yet. Something to do with magic and prophets in the Old Testament.

I also talked to Venerable (he's not my only friend, really) about finishing my english major. I looked at my academic transcript this morning and I've only got three subjects to go to finish my degree. If I do English/Religion major - I need to do three english subjects. If I do double Religion major - I need to do four more religion subjects. The more I think about it, the more it seems like a good idea to finish my damn english major. I'm planning on doing some post-grad work in Museum Studies when I finish my degree, but it is incredibly hard to get a job in that area. At least if I do english too, I can do teaching, or ESL or writing stuff. The only negative is that I can't do any more religion subjects. And english is harder so my GPA will drop - not that any prospective employer will care.

What a lot to say.


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