Thursday, September 09, 2004

Total Effort Expended Today - negligible

I had chicken katsudon for lunch today and it was delicious - jealous? I've also decided to buy my own set of chopsticks that I can carry around in my bag (like a total loser). I really hate using those disposable wooden ones - what if they splinter in my mouth? They also hurt my fingers. What a sooki-la-la.

In other news, I've done zero work today for uni - that's right, no reading, no notes, no database searches. In fact, all I've been reading is Vanity Fair and the new Empire magazine. Quality literature huh?

I also read this article a little while ago and I've since told everyone I know about it. Have a look, it's kinda interesting.

This would explain a whole bunch of those freaky I-was-just-thinking-about-you phone calls, oh-my-god-have-we-just-bought-the-same-mobile-phone and did-I-just-order-the-same-meal-as-you-again moments.

I sat next to a guy on the bus this morning who was wearing a dark grey woollen jumper over his shirt and tie. I noticed that he had three white hairs on his shoulder. I was just about to ask if that was his cat hair or mine. Then I realised that I didn't actually know him.


Blogger Venerable (for consistency) said...

let's not be concerned that disposable chopsticks are extremely un-environmentally friendly, but rather they cause damage to your recenetly manicured fingernails...glad to see that your social conscience is alive and well

1:19 pm  
Blogger Laziest Girl said...

Ven darling - don't you have your own blog now?

1:23 pm  

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