Saturday, August 04, 2007

Update to date

The baby is eight weeks old today and in the last two weeks has started to smile. Not just smiling in his sleep, or smiling just prior to puking up, but smiling for real. He's smiling at you now when you talk to him or sing to him - he's especially smiley in the shower (which he loves).

He's also just developed the tongue thrust reflex. The tongue thrust reflex is like a safety device that babies have - if something goes in their mouth, their tongue sticks out and thus averts a possible choking incident. It's also incredibly cute. You get a big smile and then the little tongue comes out at you. Very cute indeed.

I just finished reading Snow Falling on Cedars which was quite good but nothing much else is happening.

Oh - and if you are on Facebook, please look me up, it's driving me crazy that Buster has more friends than me.


Blogger granola girl said...

I do adore the little tongue that babies poke out at you. Quite adorable.

Also, facebook—bringing people together one random connection at a time. Who knew?

11:20 am  

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