Monday, January 09, 2006

A peep through the classroom door

On Friday in class, the students (mainly Korean) were talking about the famous living person that they most admire (practicing their oral fluency). It was really interesting because as they went around the class, the guys would pick some Korean soccer star and when asked why they admired them, would say "because he is handsome, does good work for the poor and sets a good example for the fans". I thought it was interesting that none of the guys had a problem saying that another guy was handsome. No Australian man would EVER say that because it's like a blight on their masculinity. Interesting, huh?

Nor did the Korean students really understand about citizenship. After class we were talking about Korea and someone asked me if I was Australian. I said I was, but that I was born in New Zealand. "So you are a New Zealander then?". No, I'm Australian. "Yes, but if you were born in New Zealand, then you are a New Zealander". Maybe it's different for Westerners because we don't seem to have a particular racial type (ie. most of us look alike), but they definitely feel that where you were born determines your nationality.


Anonymous Jammin' J said...

Oh. So now you know. I'm an alien.

9:57 am  
Blogger Craig said...

Wait a minute, are you saying all whiteys look alike? Racist.

10:27 pm  

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