Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Hey, this place looks familiar....

I know I haven't been a very good blogger lately but I've been such a busy bee that I haven't had a chance to come by and say hi. But I'm here now, so "hi".

I started my course on Tuesday and even though it is only Wednesday, I'm exhausted. I couldn't even speak to Jammin' J for more than 30 seconds as I feel like my brain is totally fried. The course I'm doing is to learn to teach English as a second language (to speakers of other languages). It's only four weeks but is very intensive.

A better description is to say that I feel like I've joined a cult. It's hard to understand but it's like only my classmates really understand how I feel while doing the course. It's like we are all in some weird Jim Jones inspired work camp but it will end with us all flying off to different places to teach and not drinking poisoned kool-aid.

I taught my first real class today (yep, on my second day) and it was pretty awful. My topic was verb structures, and as you all know, because I have such a fabulous grasp of grammar, it was a piece of cake (hint: I'm lying now). So the material sucked but the class are very nice. There are about 16 of them and most of them are Korean. The majority of them have been studying English for some time and have a pretty good grasp of the written stuff (ie. their grammar is far superior to mine). Most of them are here to do some immersion learning and improve their language skills. All of them really want to be able to speak English, so they mostly need to practice listening and speaking. They are all so pleased to be here and many of them would like to stay here once they finish studying.

Anyway, I need to go and do some prep stuff for Thursday and this entry is beginning to sound like a Christmas letter. Ewwwwhhhh.


Blogger MC Etcher said...

It's going to be funny when these Korean folks end up in the US speaking English with a perfect Australian accent.

3:36 am  
Anonymous FBMG said...

Stupid question here. You speak any Japanese?

How do you say "BUGGAR OFF!" in Japanese?

10:15 am  
Anonymous Jammin' J said...

You scare me when you're that exhausted! I had to run all the way home and endure the scathing glares of your old neighbours who were having a post marriage-breakup "discussion".

12:02 pm  

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