Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Changes at the day job

I don't know if you all know how much I hate my job. I've tried not to blog too much about the day job because it is just sucking the life right out of me. My boss, who we call Sybil (of multiple personality infamy), is just awful (and because I refer to her as Sybil when speaking about her, Jas actually thought that was her real name).

The good news is that I've been offered a three week secondment at another government department. I start on Tuesday and this means I won't be back at my real day job until the New Year.

So this week will be spent lunching and shredding stuff. Only a few more days to go!


Blogger MC Etcher said...

Good news!

What's a "secondment"?

7:10 am  
Blogger Craig said...

Heh. I wondered the same thing, but I was afraid of sounding stupid. But if Etcher doesn't know, then I feel no shame about it.

7:46 am  
Blogger Laziest Girl said...

A secondment is a government thing. It's really common here and people are always going on secondment. Usually you get selected through an Expression of Interest (but it's mostly a word of mouth thing).

I'm still employed by my department and paid by them, but I go and work somewhere else for a set period of time and my current department then invoice the other department for my salary.

Sounds more confusing than it is.

8:11 am  
Blogger MC Etcher said...

Thanks! Always learning something new at this blog!

10:22 am  
Blogger Craig said...

The new job isn't preventing you from bloggin is it? That would be a tragedy. I mean, it's been a week and still nothing from you.

10:14 pm  

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