Monday, July 11, 2005

Bronski and Bernstein - episode whatever it was

I watched Bronski and Bernstein through a pharmaceutical haze last week, and I have to say, I was ready to slap the pair of them. The Forensic Pathologist (the one who is kind-of going out with the boss, Micklitz) has a corpse stolen from her morgue so she ropes in Bronski and Bernstein to help her find it because Micklitz is on holiday and she doesn't want to disturb him.

I got a bit confused about the oysters that Bernstein put in the morgue fridge because his mum was hosting a dinner party and he needed to keep them cold (apparently this was the source of much ongoing mirth in the writers room but the joke failed to enthrall this viewer). Bronski's mum, sister and his girlfriend (Bronski is getting more serious with the lovely Lene and even pashed her in the stairwell to prove it) were invited to the dinner party with Bernsteins parents and the boys didn't end getting to the dinner because they were staking out another cop whose son they suspected of having stolen the corpse due to a complex series of clues that confused me.

But don't think I'm losing interest in our boys - it's just the lack of partial nudity in the PG timeslot that's killing it for me. And my cup of tea was really nice.


Blogger Litany said...

Bronski is HOT!! Also, I finally have a new blog, if you're bored or would like to be. :)

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