Friday, July 01, 2005

That ringing in my ears has finally subsided

On Saturday night we went and saw a couple of bands at the Zoo. The French Horns were playing, followed by Whirlwind Heat (from Grand Rapids, Michigan) and the night closed with a most excellent Sydney band call The Mess Hall.

The Mess Hall were fantastic although I couldn't give you a song by song review as Becc-with-two-c's and I had had a few wee glasses of lemonade (only to ensure we were well hydrated). There was much dancing and a vast array of nonsense which culminated with a strange guy in a suit jacket (dressed more like Don Johson than that guy from the Strokes) tried to chat up Becc-with-two-c's. We were very mean and kept playing paper, rock, scissors to see who had to dance nearest to him. On the way home, I also learnt a very fascinating thing about myself. When I've had a few lemonades, every song that plays on the radio sounds like Franz Ferdinand.


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