Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Crazy Woman on Campus

Last year, when Venerable and I were doing the same Islam subject, there was this older woman (about 45) in our class who's name shall unspoken (but we shall call her Bernadette).

Last year, we all had to give individual class presentations on our essay topics as part of our assessment. Ven wrote his essay on homosexuality in Islam and it was a really great essay and seminar. At the end of his presentation, we all got the opportunity to ask questions and someone asked about safe sex and using condoms. So Bernadette pipes up with the comment that HIV/Aids is God's punishment for people being gay. Ok. I'm stunned. The lecturer is stunned. Everyone is sitting there gapeing at her, and for a split second, we are all speechless. So the lecturer asks her to qualify her statement - obviously hoping that we had misheard - but no, that's exactly what she meant. And she keeps talking along the same lines - absolute virulent crap.

Venerable just about leaps across the desk to strangle her, I'm giving Ven the evil eye (if he throttles her - he'll never graduate) hoping he'll stay put. Most of the class are talking at once trying to figure out where the hell this conversation strand has come from and if she is actually mad or just stupid. Finally, the lecturer ends the discussions and throws us all out before we come to blows with the moronic Bernadette.

After class, we repair to the cafe and bitch about Bernadette. I've got to go home, but Ven meets up with friends for dinner in the student union bar. They grab a table and Ven starts to tell them all about this mad woman in his class and her insane beliefs. There is much mirth and ridicule. After bitching long and (very) loud ( because Ven doesn't actually have a volume control), Ven gets up to buy another round of beers and notices Bernadette sitting (inconspiculously) at the table behind him.

Now Bernadette is in my Buddhism class and I have spent the entire semester to date, waiting for her to cut loose with her idiotic comments. So far, she hasn't said anything the least bit controversial. Has she learnt her lesson? Or is she just waiting for the final lecture?


Blogger L said...

sometimes the crazies look just like normal people... I work with one of these. ugh

11:15 am  
Blogger Venerable (for consistency) said...

bernadette project the image of a perennial student who during the 60s and 70s took too much acid and engaged in lots of free love. however, we should not be deceived by her false exterior - she is narrow minded amoeba, who should know a lot better.

9:48 am  
Blogger Craig said...

I often wonder about people who feel that things like AIDS are punishment from God. What do they think about the children who now have to grow up without parents or the children who get AIDS or people who get it through transfusions, etc.? Is God sitting up there enjoying watching the punishment he's handing out, when he suddenly goes, "Crap, I may not have given this enough thought."?

1:12 pm  

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