Thursday, May 12, 2005

Oh God, I'm sooo ashamed.

Last night at Uni, some more members of the class gave their seminar presentations and Owen was one of the lucky volunteers. I can't remember what his topic was because I didn't understand a word of what he said. He was a bit nervous and was talking at a break neck speed. I asked him slow down a bit, which he did but then sped up again and became unintelligible. It didn't help that Georgia (he's from Georgia - that's not actually his name) and I got the giggles halfway through and embarrassed Owen further.

After class, we caught up with Owen on the way out and I copiously apologised for giggling like a five year old through his presentation. He said it was ok, he was trying to speak slower but he was very nervous. Apparently he was also trying to overcome a stutter that he gets during public speaking. Great. Now it looks like we were laughing at the stuttering guy. Luckily, Owen wasn't upset or offended and promptly hared off - probably for a medicinal whiskey at the student bar. I was so mortified that Georgia and I immediately collapsed in hysterics.

It wasn't that I actually was laughing at Owen, it was more the kind of laughing that happens when you are desperately trying not to laugh. I'm not really evil.


Anonymous "Georgia" from Georgia from Buddhism said...

Ha. it's so great to mentioned. :) And to anyone reading this I concur with all statements herein containing or refering to "BERNADETTE" She's a mad ol hat. Frankly ....frightening. I reckon she should come to the states. She'd fit in GREAT.


3:48 pm  
Blogger Laziest Girl said...

why the hell are you commenting here? get a life will you!

8:46 pm  
Anonymous Georgia from Georgia said...

indeed sadly now that i have returned to the Georgia after which i am named I have no life but that of the recolection of BERNADETTE. I find i miss her beyond all reckoning. I think maybe I am in love. Would you o kind woman from Buddism who got a lower mark than me :) (6) please pass my love and adoration to that beautiful manifestation that is BERNADETTE. I eagerly anticipate your reply

12:32 pm  

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