Monday, August 23, 2004

Work - already?

Have been sick with a cold (cue violins) but I’m feeling much better now. Had a great weekend even though there was little or no reading done. We didn’t end up going to see Dallas Crane on Friday night – I was too sick and it was far too cold. Handsomest was a little upset, but I guess they’ll be back.

I’m now reading a Lisa See book called Dragon Bones. I own one of her previous books, The Interior, which I quite enjoyed and I am fairly certain that I’ve read another one, but I can’t remember for certain (maybe the Flower Net or something). Anyway, while not brilliant, her books are certainly entertaining. It’s interesting to read especially in the context of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. Her research is pretty good although the storyline can be a bit confusing.

I have a short exam on Tuesday in my Magic and Astrology in Ancient Greek and Jewish Writings class. It should only be about 20 questions so I don’t need to panic too much. But he always asks a couple of tricky questions and his favourites relate to bible passages. I can never keep the books or numbers straights (Exodus 25 – is that the one where Noah throws down his rod?) so I’ll have to read this stuff again tonight and hope that it burns in my brain. Also have a short essay that I should get working on but I have no idea what to write on. I’m interested in the Sibylline Prophecies so maybe I could do something on this – but the amount of stuff might make it better for a long essay.

What have I learnt today?
I’ve learnt that (nice) furniture is very expensive and that redskins (lollies) are so hard that my jaw aches before I’ve finished chewing them.


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