Monday, August 30, 2004

Book Group

We took my niece to Alma Park Zoo on Saturday - she is three and she had a wonderful time. I've never seen a child so completely unafraid of animals. She was as happy as a lark feeding the deer, the donkeys, the sheep and the kangaroos . My sister and I had our photo taken holding a massive carpet snake and while we doing this, my niece walks right up and starts stroking the snake (which was about twice as long as she is tall) - I was stunned. I took two rolls of film of my niece feeding the animals and playing with Handsomest.

On the uni side, didn't do any work over the weekend. I finished my short response paper about Islamic Democracy on Friday. Suprisingly enough, I found it really interesting to write about. The whole idea of shura (which means consultancy) being translated as democracy struck me as a bit of a worry, but generally the author demonstrated that Islam is not about being a political dictatorship. The article was written in the 1970's but is still very relevant. I still need to decide on a topic for my short essay - I'm leaning towards writing about the implementation of a Population Policy (birth control) in post-revolutionary Iran - I think I'll need to clear this with the lecturer though.

I haven't done a skerrick of work for my other subject - but I'm not concerned about it. Clearly I'm in denial.

We had book group on Sunday which went really well. Everyone was really articulate and thoughtful. It's working out better than I could have hoped. Venerable was in fine form even though we all completely bagged his ideas about the homo-erotic overtones in the book. The Gorgeous Tall One suggested The Lady and the Unicorn by Tracey Chevalier as our next book. I read Girl with a Pearl Earring earlier this year and totally loved it - so I'm quite excited about it.
I watched The Shipping News on the weekend too. What a fantastic film - Kevin Spacey was excellent, as was Judy Dench. It was so picturesque. I've read some other Annie Proulx books and she writes with a fantastic tone. The movie really caught this. It was so quiet. I enjoyed it as much as Girl with a Pearl Earring which I saw earlier this year. Lost in Translation was another film that was very still (for lack of a better description). I recently read another book by the author of Lost in Translation which was also very good. Maybe I write a seperate post about it.

I suggested The Shipping News for book group but one of the girls had already read it so we'll leave it off the list for now. I think I'll read it during semester break (that way I will totally enjoy it and not be ravaged by guilt for procrastinating on assignments).


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