Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Another day in paradise

Uni yesterday was really good. We did our little quiz and I knew most of the answers so I should do ok. In Islam, one of our discussion topics was Islamic Democracy which is coincidentally the topic of my next short response paper. I am starting to get a little panic stricken about the sheer volume of assessment due for this subject – I have something due every second week.

It's quite interesting that I do leave everything to the last minute considering that I stress so much about it all. Maybe it's some bizarre subconscious punishment regime.

After lectures I caught up with one of my favourite friends, Venerable, and we talked about Dharma Bums - it was interesting to hear what he had to say. Our conversation helped to clarify some ideas that have been spinning around in my head.

Today has been a very boring day at work – I've done nothing but horrible mundane stuff that I’ve been successfully procrastinating on for weeks.

Just talked to a horrible man on the phone who was trying to sell me a computer program that would allow me to make an extra $40 000 a year in income. He got very cross when I said that I wasn't interested – he kept trying to push me into using the software. I said I was too busy and not interested which were apparently not reasons that were good enough for Mr Pushy Salesman. Next time I'll say that I don't need an extra $40k as I have income from private investments and I’m moving to Uzbekistan to work as an unpaid volunteer with the orphans.

Handsomest went to a Gentle Ben gig last night (while I was snuggy asleep in bed) which he said was fantastic. Unfortunately they were trying to work within the decibel levels that the local government have instituted. The big problem is that inner city redevelopment has gone mad with people moving into the Valley in the last five years. Once they get there, they realise that live music is loud and their apartment is not sound-proofed enough. So they complain to the local council who then slap warnings and fines on the live music venues. It's bad enough that the costs for running a live music venue have skyrocketed with real estate prices, let alone that they have to keep the music down.


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