Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Pants(less) Situation - a photo essay

Slide One: Buster can you see the MonkeyFish under the bed? Yep.

Slide Two: (as Izzy idley chews on Busters hand) Come out right now young man!

Slide Three: Ok.

Slide Four: What happened to your pants? Oh, there they are.

Slide Five: Put your pants back on this instant. I don't think so.

Slide Six: You are going to have to make me put the pants back on! If you can reach me ...


Anonymous Karen said...

Cute. :) Good thing the nappy stayed on! X only ever takes his pants off as the first step in removing his nappy. And generally the nappy is coming off because there is something distasteful inside. Ick!

1:06 pm  

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