Friday, February 27, 2009

Telly hijinks

Last year we bought a new telly because the child managed to wrench the aerial socket out of the old one (it was 10 years old anyway) and it didn't work anymore. So we bought an LG one which we quite like aside from the ridiculous method of turning it on and off. It has this weird glowing light around a hole under the screen. Yep, an acutal hole that you put your finger in to switch it on and off. I'm sure it has a snazzier name but it's still an idea that they obviously should have thought through a little better. We were hoping that we could somehow disable it in the menus but it was not to be.

We try not to let the child watch too much telly and the remote lives high up on the bookshelf to save it from the indignities that child wishes to cause it. But he has now figured out how to turn the telly on himself but poking his finger in the hole. Even worse, the other night the dog was scrounging for left over kid food and stuck her nose in the hole and turned the telly off.


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