Sunday, May 03, 2009

LG, aka DIY Enforcer

Buster finally gave in to his inevitable slide towards surburbia and has purchased a drill. Luckily I had a raft of DIY projects lying in wait for him - I mean, he needed to clock up some serious drill experience.

Project 1.
Hang the woodblock prints that we bought in Japan and have been in the cupboard for two years. DONE. Although we did disagree slightly on the type of picture hook required - I initially, and rather foolishly, thought that a 10kg hook was overkill. Apparently not.

Project 2.
Fix the door in the spare bedroom. DONE. This was an easy one, especially because I didn't have to do it. One of the screws that holds the door mechanism in plans was mismatched and had worked its way out a little bit. This was scraping on the jamb.

Project 3.
Install new towel rails and toilet roll holder in the ensuite. DONE. Well, almost. I'm still waiting for the hand towel hanger to go up but Buster can't hammer and drill while the MonkeyFish is asleep so this will have to wait until tomorrow. We had horrible, old plastic fittings that were a nasty pink colour. Now we have nice, shiny, geometric silver ones.

Project 4.
Install two new shelves. ON HOLD. Ok, this one is my fault. I haven't decided exactly where I want them yet.

I'm very impressed with my new home handyman. Well done Buster.


Anonymous Greg H. a.k.a FBMG said...

Ah yes, and LG has also fallen into the suburbia trap in which the wife is constantly coming up with a list of things for the husband to do. Welcome to the madness. This is one of a number of reasons why marriage is referred to as an institution.

11:47 pm  

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