Monday, March 23, 2009

Locked out

I got locked out the other day by the child, again. He shuts the sliding screen back door after me and then realises that he'd rather follow me outside so he reaches up to the latch but he can't quite reach. Standing on tippy toes he can just reach the lever which locks the door when flipped down. And I'm locked out, a toddler, with monkey propensity, is locked in.

Now I have a system where I only ever 'snib' the front screen door. Then I walk around and poke my finger through the hole in the screen and unlock it. Luckily I didn't replace the front door ordinary netting with the tough-grade netting that is on the back door.

Sure, security is an issue, but I figure most burglars don't realise that the enormous black dog that jumps up the door is only checking for dog treats in unguarded pockets.


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