Friday, January 30, 2009

Hair today

I only every seem to get to the hairdresser about once every three months and today I trundled off for my quarterly appointment. I have terrible trouble with getting my hair coloured though because the colour is only really designed to last 6-8 weeks, so by week 12 I'm starting to look like a scarecrow. Today they had the fancy colour tech guy visiting (yes, that is his real job) and he suggested that because I'm trying to grow out the blond bits, they should colour it a bit darker than I want so that it will fade out to the colour I do want in three months. His exact words were "we'll colour for tomorrow, not today". And he was dead serious and looked totally surprised when I cracked up laughing.


Blogger karen said...

Yes, yes, but where's the photo?

9:35 pm  
Anonymous TheFatBaldMarriedGuy said...

Take it from a Fat Bald Married Guy; hair today, gone tomorrow. Got that Buster?

9:52 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I crack up laughing every time I go to the hairdresser. They really do choose their words differently to everyone else. I was once told very emphatically "Fringes are fantastic! They just are just another thing on your face"

1:17 pm  

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