Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Years Pseudo-Resolution

I've got about ten (well, maybe two) half-written posts sitting there but I never seem to get around to finishing them so nothing ever seems to get posted. I feel like I spent half my childhood wishing that the homework fairies would come to visit me and now I'm spending half my adult life wishing that the blog fairies would come to visit me.

In conclusion, this is ridiculous. You guys (well, I know I have at least three avid (ok, occassional) readers) so I'm no longer going to try to write a post that is coherent. I'm just going to post SOMETHING DAMMIT.

Totally out of context quote of the day - "but I need one, my edges are furry!"


Blogger Invisible Lizard said...

Hear hear. I'm with you.

10:50 pm  
Anonymous TheFatBaldMarriedGuy said...

You're not alone LG. I started my blog intending to post 365 days a year. I'm backloged by about 500 or so posts.

11:45 am  

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