Monday, November 03, 2008

Scary, scary

So Halloween this year was a bit disappointing - we only had two groups of kids at our door. I had such high hopes too. The cat was prowling the hallway and was doing her whole hellcat thang and Izzy, wearing black, is already dressed as a hellhound. I hadn't brushed my hair so was costumed as a fishwife, the child wasn't co-operating though and just wanted to go to bed. Anyway, the first lot arrived before dark and I dished out Freddo Frogs to a demon, a witch and a miscellaneous monster. Upon receipt of their treat, they all roared and howled as appropriate and then started to leave until they were cut short by a voice from the end of the driveway - "I hope you said thank you". It's hard to be a tough monster when your mum is ensuring that you remember your manners.

The second lot turned up and were very pleased with their Freddos. They were escorted by someone's older brother dressed in his Emergency Services Cadet uniform. I wasn't sure if the older brother was in costume or not so I asked if he wanted a Freddo and got a "no thank you" with an incredulous look. Obviously was too big to participate in Halloween frivolity. Talk about being old before your time - he wasn't a day over 14.


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