Monday, March 20, 2006

Melbourne - a summary

Melbourne is fun but it's a bit cold.

On Friday night we ate Nepalese food. On Saturday we ate Japanese food. Last night we ate pub food (which is a whole cuisine type of its own).

I bought a new camera (so expect pics soon), a new pair of black boots, two pairs of jeans and a pair of cute black shoes.

We went shopping (obviously), drank coffee, went on a tram, drank sake, ate so much sashimi that I thought I was going to burst. We went to a snazzy cocktail bar, we gave money to a homeless person, we went to the zoo. We drank tea, we made friends with two boxer dogs, we caught numerous taxis. We asked for directions, we went to a shoe shop or two (actually about 17), we saw a pelican, we wore jackets, we ate corn chips.


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