Thursday, March 16, 2006

Oh, and I met a boy

Yep, I've gone and got myself a brand new boyfriend (listen to "The Mountain Goats" for that reference**). He doesn't have a suitable blog name yet, but I like him and might just refer to him as The Boyfriend in future posts. In fact, he took me to see Brokeback Mountain on Valentine's day. I know, I know, most girls get flowers and chocolates and I get a gay cowboy film.

Nor did I actually expect to find myself a boy what with departing for Japan in less than two weeks. But, I guess sometimes things don't happen the way you expect.

So now you know.

** Not that listening to the Mountain Goats would actually help because Art Brut did the song. It's called Good Weekend and makes me laugh - in a good way (not in a "my god, do they have the nerve to call it a song then" way).


Blogger Craig said...

While it may not be a typical valentines present, he fact that you found a guy willing to see a gay cowboy movie is fairly impressive.

10:10 pm  
Blogger Blandwagon said...

What you need is a Boyfriend Exchange Program. In such a program, you'd be paired with a girl coming from Japan to Australia; she'd get your boyfriend and you'd get hers. Everyone's happy!

As an added bonus, your new Japanese boyfriend would be smaller, more efficient, employ cutting edge boyfriend technology, and have very large eyes. Don't tell me that doesn't impress you.

6:29 pm  

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