Thursday, March 30, 2006

Laziest Girl Reporter

Good Evening, and welcome to the up to the minute and right on the button blog of Laziest Girl. Today we are coming to you direct from Changi Airport in Singapore.

I know, I know, you don't hear from me for fecking weeks and now all of a sudden I'm just bursting to write?? Well, I am in Singapore for three hours and they have free internet access - how much more explanation do you people need!

So, I've left Brisbane and am now well on my way to Japan. It all still feels a bit surreal but thankfully the crying has mostly stopped. Did I mentioned that I cried while watching the Brady Bunch early in the week (the episode where Marsha nominates Mike as Father of the Year in case you were wondering). Honestly, it's getting pretty bad. At this rate I'll be a shrivelled up, dehydrated old prune by the time I get to Narita.

Anyway, thinking of you all.


Blogger Craig said...

That's pretty exciting (other than the crying bit). Good luck, travel safe and remember that jokes about bombs are taken seriously at the airport.

12:14 am  
Anonymous TheFatBaldMarriedGuy said...

Best wishes. You're in good company, since my family and I are also getting used to new surroundings, but not in a different country. I did however, go to Tokyo in 1972, when I was 9.

11:01 am  
Blogger granola girl said...

Hey! Welcome back. I've missed you. I hope everything goes wonderfully well for you. I hope you didn't pack a battery recharger. They actually x-rayed mine. I think airport security probably tried to detonate it as well. Tragically for them it was your run-on-the-mill recharger. So, yeah. Bomb jokes = bad idea.

1:49 pm  
Anonymous Jammin' J said...

I can't believe you guys are even typing the word bomb! She'll be innocently reading these comments at some airport terminal... and then BAM... off to the strip search room. :-)

Glad you're still alive. Reports from Taco-sake please.

2:07 pm  
Blogger MC Etcher said...

Wow! Be safe and keep us posted!

3:35 am  
Anonymous Rusty said...

Cheer up darl. Good luck!

12:04 pm  

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