Monday, October 17, 2005


Good Morning, and welcome to Laziest Girl. I am your host for this morning, Laziest Girl. On your left you will see my most recent posts and on your right you will see my user profile and my archived posts. Your emergency exit is in the top right corner - in case of emergency just click Next Blog.

Oh, and if any of you lovely visitors are from Norway could you please explain why I have had five (that's 5) different Norwegian visitors in the last six days when no one from Norway has ever visited in the last twelve months? Just curious.


Blogger jelly-o said...

So I've been clicking the "next blog" doohickey looking for something interesting to read while my love hogs the TV with football. And after skimming through some boring ones and many in foreign languages I came across yours. The title rocks- I share your lazy side :) So I'll be reading again- thanks!

8:18 am  
Blogger aurora said...

HIHIHI...I swear I'm not thoughtless and inconsiderate...or at least not on purpose. I do however have a confession to make. I hadn't checked my mail since before you said you were mailing your wonderful mix cd's. And I only looked through it all after Invisible Lizard posted about it. But now I have it! And I love it. And I will begin working on a return immediately.

9:53 am  
Blogger granola girl said...

Have you forgotten me? I still need to send you your mix cd, but I've lost your address. Would you be so kind as to email it to me, again?

3:38 pm  

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