Wednesday, September 28, 2005

What is it with six year olds?

On Saturday I took my little four year old niece to see an amateur version Cinderella (the Musical). I know, I know - I'd never heard of a musical version either. Anyway, Miss EJ and I had a lovely time and I even had her photo taken afterwards with Cinderella (to give to Grandma).

What made me laugh was that they ran with the whole Panto premise throughout the event. One actor at the back of the stage would say something cheeky to the ugly stepmother and she (although it was a guy in drag and I don't think Miss EJ noticed) would stalk about the stage asking "who said that? which of you said that?" etc. The little girl sitting behind us (all of six) (who was so excited that she was standing up in her place with her little hands screwed up) kept shouting "Cinderella said it, Cinderella said it".

When I related this story to a friend at work, she told me about when she took her six year old to see Annie. Apparently during a sad song that Daddy Warbuck sings (when he thinks he's going to lose Annie), my friends daughter said in a very piercing voice "oh, is he dying? Good, can we go now?".

I think I may have to move to Peru for a year when Miss EJ turns six.


Blogger MC Etcher said...

Ah, my sixth year - I remember it fondly.

Bwa ha ha haa!

4:50 am  
Blogger Litany said...

How funny! And you thought the 2's were Terrible...

5:55 am  
Anonymous FBMG said...

Six ain't nothin'. Try twin 14 year olds.

7:45 am  
Blogger Craig said...

The advantage of the nieces (and/or nephews) is that if they are at that annoying age, you can have them for a while and then send them back.

11:06 am  

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