Friday, March 04, 2005

Laziest or just Sleepiest?

Where I work, we have raft of volunteers who come in once a week or more to do the boring mundane stuff that no one else can be bothered to do. Once in a while, you get someone who is doing it to get a foot in the door, which can either be really good or really bad. Apparently one our new volunteers was found asleep in the stacks (you remember that I work in a library, right?). By all accounts, this particular volunteer is a bit of a drip so there was much mirth amongst the staff. And let's face it, if you are sleeping on the job, you are not looking good as a candidate for a paying position. I thought that this was a bit unfair because I am always falling asleep inappropriately.

When I worked for a large Government department, I used to have to take the minutes for meetings with the Union. We had about six different working groups plus the main negotiation meeting every week so I was spending about twelve hours a week in meetings taking notes. And they weren't even interesting meetings - dull, dull, dull. By the afternoon, the meeting rooms had warmed up and I could never keep my eyes open. I used to have to sit next to my boss and she would elbow me when I started to doze.

But this was not an isolated series of events - I also slept through the second hour of an entire semester of an Ancient History subject - "The Age of Revolution in Rome". I still got a 5 for this subject so I think I must have been learning by osmosis.

Another time we went to see a band on a Thursday night and I was very tired. The headlining act didn't come on until about 11.30pm and the supporting band was a bit lack lustre. We were sitting on stools at those high round tables about two metres from the marshall stack. I just put my head down on my arms at about 11ish and dropped off to sleep for half an hour. I was very rudely awoken by the bouncer who tried to throw us all out because he thought I was in a drug induced coma (yeah, no calling an ambulance or preparing to give first aid - just throw us out!). I very clearly recall Handsomest Husband protesting to the bald guy "no, she's not on drugs, she's just really, really tired".


Blogger Venerable (for consistency) said...

i can totally identify with the your propensity to sleep on occassions where it may otherwise be consider by others as 'rude'.

i often take power naps at work, justifying them as necessary to perform better at work.

at my old job, i used to just fall asleep. it turned out that was actually ill. but sleeping went on for ages.

i used to always nod off when i was at uni. and i even slept during an exam.

so i say sleep and sleep undisturbed.

3:10 pm  
Anonymous GTO said...

Other than bed, I generally only sleep during The Laziest Girl's favourite movies.

Yes, she hurts when she elbows.

10:42 pm  
Blogger rde said...

oh the old big govt department days. that did get boring from time to time.

11:41 pm  
Blogger Laziest Girl said...

Venerable - sleeping in an exam is pretty impressive. That takes serious effort and concentration. Thank you for giving me something to aspire to.

Gorgeous Tall One (GTO) - is that why you always sit on single chair rather than on the couch with me? And I thought it was because you didn't want to share your popcorn.

RDE - you know exactly which meetings I slept through - they were always boring - not just from time to time!

9:59 am  

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