Sunday, February 20, 2005

a great film

I saw "Closer" on Friday night after work with the Gorgeous Tall One, Nell and Lol. It was a fantastic film and I was really suprised. The ads on the tv made it look really quite stupid and dull, but it was a great film. The dialogue was really realistic (even if all the shagging and cheating on one another wasn't). It was about the power balances in relationships and about how easily it shifts - it was terrifyingly potent, funny and raw. This film had the kind of dialogue that I dream about writing. Even in the most emotionally complex scenes - I was laughing - it was a bit like laughing at a funeral. I could see how addictive this type of self-destructive behaviour could be. Clive Owens was wonderful - I couldn't believe it was the same guy from "King Arthur". Even Julia Roberts was good - she was great as the somewhat passive Anna. Jude Law (who I just adore even if Venerable thinks he's too pretty) was the perfect blend of self-pity and self-indulgence. And Natalie Portman played the character of Alice really well. I love that she is initially set up as the leaver but when she meets Daniel she changes into the leavee. This film really made an impression on me and if I can find someone to drag along, I'll go and see it again.


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