Friday, February 25, 2005

time to crank over that stagnant brain

Yep - that's right - Uni starts next week so it's time for me to fire up that brain that hasn't been used since November last year. For your entertainment, this semester I am doing "Meditation in Eastern Religions" and "Buddhism". I'm haven't done any eastern religions yet so I'm really looking forward to it. Thankfully Venerable did the same Buddhism subject, before he graduated to the suit-job, and has promised to loan me the text books on the proviso that I don't leave squashed banana between the pages. This means I can tell Handsomest Husband that I had to spend $160 on text books but really buy a new pair of shoes. Aside from the obvious fact that shoes don't count as a tax deduction, this is a win-win situation don't you think?

Mind you, getting the brain in gear is a terrifying prospect. Here is a list of my resolutions for ensuring tertiary success:

1. No more reading trashing novels whilst lying in bed drinking tea and eating chocolates. No siree! From now on, I hereby swear to read text books whilst lying in bed drinking tea and eating chocolates.

2. No more skivving off class and going to the coffee shop to imbibe hot chocolates and those cookies with M&M's in them. From now on, I hereby swear to go to the pizza cafe instead where the service is quicker.

3. No more talking or note passing in class. Actually, this one will be easy because I won't have Venerable in my class to be such a bad influence. Also, I'm 32 not 11.

4. No more whining that I couldn't get a copy of the reading for class because it wasn't at the library. I hereby swear to go to the library after class and photocopy the readings for the following week. This way I will have the paper to read at the last minute while I'm waiting for class to start.

5. My lecture notes will be legible.

6. I will not lose my copy of the subject outline which includes essay topics and deadlines. I hereby swear to make at least 10 copies and stash them around my house in case of emergency.

7. Speaking of deadlines, I will not feign death in order to get an extension. Well, I won't feign death more than once per semester in order to get an extension.

And here endth the resolutions.


Blogger rde said...

good luck!

4:19 pm  
Blogger Clark said...

Good, because feigning someone else's death is a lot more powerful in garnering sympathy.

3:42 am  

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