Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Why Laziest Girl isn't a culinary genius .. or maybe she is?

Ok, so yesterday was Valentine's Day. Did I get any Valentine's Day flowers from Handsomest - no. It's probably just as well that he didn't send me flowers at work, let's face it, I received a gagillion bunches of flowers from secret admirers - so there wasn't really any space left for flowers from Hansomest. Not.

By the time I got home from the day job, Handsomest had already made rasberry friands for dessert so I was, consequently, in charge of making something lovely for dinner. I had decided to make grilled Tasmanian salmon fillets with lemon butter sauce and steamed vegetables. I've made this before - it's easy. Chop up vegetables and steam. Grill salmon. Put butter in saucepan, thicken with a little cornflour, add a little milk, stir, add lemon zest and serve.

Sounds easy and you bet it tastes great. Right?

Just don't mix up the cornflour and the icing sugar containers. I kid you not. Suprisingly, even though the damn sauce wouldn't thicken, it tasted pretty good. Really, Handsomest swears that he wasn't just trying to be polite, it really was kinda nice (in a weird way).

It wouldn't be so bad, but this is not the first time it has happened. Sometime ago I made a batch of awesome chocolate and pecan brownies with chocolate and sour cream icing. When I served them, I dusted them with icing sugar. Well, I dusted them with what I thought was icing sugar but which turned out to be cornflour, of course.

Enough said.


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you sound like a better cook than I ;)

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