Sunday, February 13, 2005

oh, and I meant to say

Oh, and I meant to say that we went and saw my friends band tonight - they are called Mexico City. I'm currently writing this from my beautiful friend Becc-with-2-c's house. We had a lovely Indian dinner (I know - on Chinese New Year!) with the Gorgeous Tall One, Andre, J and Becc-with-2-c's and then went to the gig. After the better part of two six packs between us (beer that is, not abdominal muscles) over dinner we had a lovely time. We've just given Becc-with-2-c's and J a lift home and J made us some superb coffee with his fandangle coffee machine. He makes the nicest coffee. I'm not a coffee aficionado (nor a coffee wanker) but I would rather drink J's coffee than nearly every other cafe in which I have ever imbibed coffee. He makes beautiful smooth coffee that tastes as good as it smells.

Anyway, Mexico City were participating in a Neil Young Tribute night and it was really good. Sorry, I've had far too much to drink to think up decent adjectives and my spelling is dubious enough - let alone my appalling apostrophe placement. Becc-with-2-c's keeps bringing me water, but frankly, it's not really helping.

I read a book today called Salt Rain but I can't remember who wrote it. I enjoyed it and would recommend it to you. I can now hear Handsomest recalling scenes from Spinal Tap in the kitchen so it must be time to go home.

Take care my little lamb-y's.


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