Sunday, February 20, 2005

Tim Page

Today I went and saw an exhibition by a photographer called Tim Page with Pleiades Girl and Becc-with-2-c's. Tim Page is well known especially for his photos from the Vietnam War and his work with aid organisation and the removal of landmines. He's currently working as a freelance and is an Adjunct Professor at Griffith Uni. I heard an interview with him on the radio and he tells a great story about when he was arrested with Jim Morrison. His other big story is that he was seriously injured while in Vietnam and actually died a couple of times while he was be taken to hospital in a helicopter. Most of his Vietnam War photos were actually taken in the jungle while fighting was occuring.

His work is absolutely stunning - both visually and emotionally. There were two photos that really spoke to me. One was a huge black and white enlargement of a helicopter landing in the jungle of Vietnam taken from below and the other was of some Buddhas outlined against the sky at a temple in Cambodia (I think it was).

His work made me feel very insignificant.


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