Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Do I talk too much?

Stupid question. Of course I talk too much. Every single report card I was given as a child said "talks too much in class". And this hasn't changed. In fact, the best thing about this blog is that, well, not only am I in charge of it, but I can talk (or write) as much as I want about any passing topic that takes my fancy. My flibbity-gibbet brain need never strain itself with any deep thought - I can just skip on to the next interesting thing (hence Laziest Girl). Like most people who talk a lot, it doesn't actually matter if you are listening (or reading) - I'm perfectly happy in my own little chatterbox world - listening to myself. And that, my friends, is not a crime (although once you have been subjected to a conversation with me, you might wish it was a crime).


Blogger Clark said...

Hi, this is Special Agent Joe with the blog police. I'm sorry, you're really going to have to tone down the talking. You didn't see that small-print in the EULA you signed when you got your blog? Yeah. The talking; it's too much. Gonna have to ask you to zip it.


8:46 am  
Anonymous infiNex said...

yeah well that goes hand in hand with the need to flit from one subject to the other. together it can be sooooo annoying.

4:15 pm  

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