Sunday, February 13, 2005

am I intimidating?

I had a conversation with my mother on Wednesday night. We were talking about a casual friend and my mum was saying that this casual friend's husband (sorry if my apostrophe is in the wrong place) had a great sense of humour. I had the misfortune of sitting next to him at a function a few weeks ago - and take it from me - he's the most boring man in the world. He works as a town planner and I don't know if that is what has made him boring or if he was boring to start with - but my mother clearly has a completely different picture of him. When I said that I thought that he was the most boring man in the world, my mother said that perhaps it was because I was intimadating.

Am I intimidating? I asked Handsomest and he dithered a bit and then said that I was rather judgemental and that I constantly measure people against my standards to find their worth and if I don't find them worthy - then they are losers and I don't even try to be nice.

Ok. So I asked Venerable - am I intimidating? Apparently Ven can see how some people might find me intimidating although he stressed that he personally doesn't find me intimidating.

So people,if you aren't nice to every single oxygen thief that you meet - you might be labelled intimidating. Be aware.


Blogger Craig said...

A few years ago when I was in school and was a Teaching Assistant, I got my reviews back at the end of a semester and found that one of the students in my lab called me intimidating. I was fairly well traumatized by this, so I asked my wife and a few other friends their opinions. The consensus was that I was either intimidating or could easily be interpreted as such. I'm not sure why, but that bothered me more than if they called me an idiot.

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