Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Uni Work and Bus Buddies

I just finished writing my article review for my Islam subject on a 1928 article called Veiling and Unveiling. It was an interesting article because the easy to spot conclusions were flawed but the more lateral conclusions were pretty good. She talked about Western nations that have a small number of veiled women are more advanced than Islamic nations with a large number of veiled women. She’s quite critical of Islam’s modern scientific development and she effectively lays the blame with the tradition of veiling. Her argument that some Western nations are more advanced compared to Islamic nations due to veiling is not really justifiable. In the past Islamic society has made a huge contribution to science and the arts yet Islamic women have a long history of veiling. But there is no attempt to explain this disparity. Perhaps a clearer link would be that Western nations might be more advanced because it is more common for these nations to have women actively participating in the nations advancement. Women’s active participation in the workforce effectively doubles the number of intelligent minds able to be utilised. It’s a bit hard to ferret out the rest of what she was talking about but I only had 500 words. Went to 610 words anyway.

I saw Bubble Boy on the bus last night – unfortunately he spotted me and sat next to me the whole way home. I chatted to him for a bit and mentioned that we are going to see Dallas Crane play on the weekend. And this is why he is known as Bubble Boy – he has no idea about anything (including Dallas Crane). Perhaps a better example is that the first day I met him (he fell asleep on the bus whilst leaning on me) he was reading Nostradamus (or however you spell it). The interesting part was that he believed it was all true. I mean, sure, read it, but critically assess what you read – don’t just believe it because it’s written in a book. I know I can be a complete intellectual snob, but honestly, how hard is it to use your brain? Why do some people believe everything they read or are told? Another example of Bubble Boys brilliance: I told Bubble Boy that I get Handsomest Husband to pick me up from the bus stop at night (even though I live about 300 metres down the road) because there are always murderers lurking around. Obviously there are not REAL murderers lurking, but it’s not always safe to walk home in the dark on your own. Bubble Boy looked quite panic stricken for a moment until I told him that I wasn’t being serious.


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